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If this is not posted in the correct group; then please let me know.I have a issue with the application control in Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 (Basic).I have whitelisted a ATI videocard program , which automatically starts-up after the PC is switched on and the user has logged on. However although the program is explicitly whitelisted, application control keeps on blocking the program. After a recent upgrade of Panda, the pop-up asked if I would like to allow or block access to this program .
Because the full path of the program is never displayed in the pop-up, I decided to block the program. Then I checked via the application control the full path and confirmed that it was legitimate. So I changed the option from "blocked" to "allowed".But application control keeps on blocking the program, during logon and when I run the program manually. I complete removed the program from the whitelist and also placed it there via add program. Nothing seems to work. CCC.exe is always blocked.There are no other records of this program in the application control window, even more all applications mentioned have the status "Allowed". Looks like that somewhere in the background the "Blocked" flag is still enabled for this program; but I have no clue how to disable that

Please help.

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