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My pesonal investigations is not getting me anywhere closer to a solution. (ive even tried GPU affinity and bringing seperate cards into play).I use a cubemap camera system to take content from the unreal games engine into TD (6 spout feeds). We use TD to combine the cubes into a fisheye for dome projection.Normally, when using TD we are easily hitting 60 fps on all projects - the computer is a beast (P6000 (or a 1080), ssd's, i7 (also used an xeon), 32gb ram).However, when we are using the unreal interface (touchscreen) and TD IS NOT the focus (not the active user window) we are seeing strange issues with FPS drop and lag in the generation of the fisheye from the cubemap. Touch drops from 60 to around 30-40fps.This leads to an unusual artifacting between the cubefaces in the fisheye. We are able to visbily see the joins between the cubes completely - ruining any immersive quality (ive tried to draw an example in attached).
In the photo attached unreal does not include any controls so having TD as the active window solves all of the problems and the mapping and fisheye runs like butter!Ive tried a number of things from testing across multiple gpu's (putting unreal on one and touch on another) to assigning specific CPU cores to tasks and cannot seem to get any closer to a result.Any trouble shooting ideas?

Please help.

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